About Us

Welcome to ARGUS Sicherheitssysteme GmbH

As distributors and technical service provider for video surveillance and video management systems, we at ARGUS Sicherheitssysteme GmbH develop solutions for the most diverse tasks for numerous customers including public authorities, critical infrastructures as well as private individuals and institutions with increased security requirements.

In the foreground of our everyday life stands the individual customer projects as well as the solution of the questions on the part of our customers. Together with our customers, we formulate concrete requirements for the video surveillance system and check to what extent the use of cameras, video management systems and video analysis software will help to achieve the achieve the goals.

The components selected by us as well as individually developed software systems provide the user with an efficient and effective tool to document and control internal processes, to analyze processes in the company and to protect employees and assets.
Especially in the industrial environment, the data protection compliant video surveillance systems offer numerous possibilities to minimize risks at workplaces and to optimize security infrastructure. Through a high degree of individualization, use of a wide range of diverse sensor technology and the use of AI-supported data analysis, a multitude of application areas are catered even outside of the scope of classic security solutions.

Together with our project partners, ARGUS Sicherheitssysteme GmbH has already been able to implement numerous challenging projects at public and private institutions. The use of efficient and smart tools help our customers to make their daily work safer and easier.


 ARGUS Sicherheitssysteme GmbH is using Milestone XProtect® VMS Systems:

We have numerous references in the following areas:

- Building security and access control in critical infrastructures-
- Systems for documentation and quality assurance in the production of payment solutions-
- Security of diplomatic missions-
- Authorities and organizations with security tasks-
- Prisons and detention centers-
- Securing and documentation of work with precious metals-
- Early fire detection in the processing of recyclable materials-
- Control of customer movement in retail trade-
- Systems for securing private property-
- Security of EU facilities-
- Systems for process control and plant security-